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Company Profile

M Sons Herbal Daily Limited, formerly known as Riva International, invites you to experience the healing power of nature. We provide a variety of natural supplements and herbal remedies designed to tackle common health issues such as digestive problems, stress, sleep disorders, and joint pain. Our products are carefully crafted according to ancient Ayurvedic principles and undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and effectiveness. With 100% vegetarian, additive-free formulas, our products are free from artificial flavors and chemical preservatives, ensuring a safe and efficient approach to supporting your well-being.

Thousands across India have found relief with Herbal Daily. Join them and discover the difference natural solutions can make in your life. Explore our products today!


Our Manufacturing Team

Customer Support

Best spirited customer support is provided to people explaining them as to how to derive the best of herbal supplements, precautions if any and so as to what lifestyle modifications to make in order to heal holistically.


Distributorship is provided to doctors, ayurvedic practitioners, yoga centers, health professionals, NGO’s and businessmen/women interested in a social cause towards healthcare.

Packaging and Shipping

M Sons Herbal Daily Limited provides free shipping all across the country above Rs 1500. A widely circulated network assists us in timely delivery of our products.