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  • Gas or Burping & Constipation
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Backache & Body ache
  • Cramps or swelling & varicose veins
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Headaches
  • No or less secretion of milk
  • Depression & Anxiety

Pregnant or Feeding Mothers - Overview

Pregnancy and nursing (feeding) are the time in a woman’s life when it is important to be aware about getting enough nutrients and supplements to nourish her baby. Each woman’s dietary and nutrient needs vary, but as a general rule, nutrient-dense diet is a very important factor in her ability to get enough vitamins and minerals during pregnancy and feeding.

A healthy pregnant or breastfeeding mother should consume about 300 to 500 additional calories per day in order to meet their energy needs, as well as to support the healthy growth of her baby.


Benefits of Supplements for Pregnant / Feeding Mother

Pregnancy is not a situation that requires medicine, it’s a time when a pregnant or breastfeeding mother should have good nutrition and care. During pregnancy and after delivery mother’s body goes through many physiological changes, including a need for increased energy and nutrients. In this time the expectant mother or feeding mother needs supplements to overcome these deficiencies. Mother’s best help is providing extra nutrition and energy to help her to take care of her newborn. Supplements for pregnant and feeding mother are the healthy, balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients that are very much essential for the development of the baby.

These supplements tone the uterus, soothe spastic muscles and improve contractibility of the uterus during the labor. It nourishes the ovaries, reduces nausea and morning sickness as well as intestinal spasms caused by excess progesterone and increases the milk production.  It also prevents neural tube defects.

The elements present in the supplement support fetal brain growth and minimize the risk of neural tube defects. It also supports the formation of fetal tissue, bones, and teeth. The key elements present in it helps to boost the immune system.  

Natural Suppltments for Pregnant / Feeding Mother

  • Pre & Post Delivery Care Supplements

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  • Shatavari Veg Capsule

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  • Vedic Ghee

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