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  • multiple sclerosis symptoms:
  • Weakness & Numbness
  • Tingling & Fatigue
  • Problems in speech & Loss of control
  • Difficulty in swallowing & pain in nerves
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Blurred vision & urinary problems
  • Thinking problems& recurrent facial palsy
  • Diarrhea or constipation

Multiple Sclerosis - Overview

Multiple sclerosis affects the brain and the spinal cord. It is a disease in which insulation of nerve cell fibers of the brain and spinal cord are destroyed which causes various disturbances of the central nervous system. It disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body. This disease usually begins in the first half of life and is more common among women.


Multiple sclerosis Causes and Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis happens when something goes wrong with the immune system and it mistakenly attacks healthy part of the body, in this case, its brain or spinal cord of the nervous system. A combination of genetics and environmental factors appears to be responsible for it. There are several factors that cause Multiple Sclerosis, they are heredity, infection, smoking, alcohol, mental stress, etc.

Disclaimer: Treatment & Relief may vary from person to person. This website is not for emergencies! In case of emergency please visit a hospital.

Natural Treatment for Multiple sclerosis

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