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  • Addictions Symptoms
  • Increased tolerance for drugs
  • Mood swings and Personality change
  • Loss interest in hobbies and Problems at home and at work
  • An obsession with ensuring a regular supply of drug
  • Strange behavior and Loss of weight
  • Wiliness to take unreasonable risks
  • Defensive when do not find their drug
  • Denial of problem and Paranoia and irritability

Addiction - Overview

Craving is a strong and intense desire for a particular thing i.e. Alcohol, cigarette, tobacco or any other drug. Ingesting such things has pleasurable effects on the brain for a short interval of time, which makes a person habitual of them. Habitual usage of it makes severe chemical changes in body cells after which a person becomes prone to a specific drug, this condition is termed as Addiction. It is commonly associated with mental and behavioral health conditions. Withdrawing addiction has uncontrollable physical and psychological symptoms that typically last for three to five days.


Why do people start Drinking & Smoking?

People start drinking and smoking in the influence of there parents or friends, or due to emotional and stressful events, advertisements or media effects and Peer Pressure


What are the Withdrawal Symptoms for Addiction?

Nausea and vomiting, Chills and sweats, Muscle cramps & aches, Sleeplessness, Shifts in heart rate, Depression, Anxiety, Irritability and Mood swings.

Natural Treatment for Addiction

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