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  • Breast Lumps Symptoms:
  • Feeling of hard circular structure in the breast
  • Area of the breast is noticeably different from the rest part
  • Breast becomes bruised for no apparent reason
  • Skin of breast becomes red or begins to pucker like an orange peel
  • Inverted nipple (if it was not always inverted)
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple

Lumps in Breast - Overview

Some females have lumpy breast tissue called fibrocystic breasts, it may be more painful during certain times of the month. They are not necessarily linked to cancer, they can be benign. These lumps are fluid-filled cysts rather than a mass of cells. Fibrocystic breast changes are also a common cause of breast pain. Its tissue contains lumps that tend to be more tender just before the menstrual period. Some types of lumps go away on their own. In younger females, often lumps are related to menstrual periods and will go away by the end of the cycle.


Breast Lumps Causes and Treatment

Most breast lumps are caused by benign which is a non-cancerous condition, although occasionally it can be a symptom of breast cancer. There are many possible causes for a lump in the breast, including breast cysts, which are soft, fluid-filled sacs, iron and iodine deficiency, infection of breast (feeding mothers) and Injury or trauma to the fatty tissue of the breast.

Natural Treatment for Breast Lumps

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